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HARDWARE HARDWARE END-STOP & SAFETY PIN The End-Stops hold the lift or X-Y Gantry trolley set inside the track and are located at each end of the track. The End- Stop Safety Pin is an additional safety measure. 177615210 ALUMINUM SHIMS Aluminum Shims are used to level track or suspend track below the ceiling. Shims are available in 1?, 3/8?, and 0.08? sizes. 177615209 X-Y GANTRY MANUAL TRAVERS The Traversing X-Y Gantry Trolley Set is used to connect the traversing boom to the parallel support rails for an X-Y gantry system 177615211 X-Y GANTRY MANUAL TRAVERS ABOVE MNT The X-Y Gantry Manual Traverse - Above Mount is used where additional lifting height is required. The Traversing rail travels at the same height as the support rails. 177615213